Never stop learning.

When you look at a website there are a lot of skills and talents that are needed to bring it all to life. Graphic design, photography, writing and videography are some other areas I have been trained and continue to educate myself when I'm not building a website.

6P Marketing Holiday Videos

Each year at 6P Marketing I've been involved in helping direct our holiday video. I've choreographed a one take video, composed and written new lyrics to popular songs, and edited the videos. I have a love for writing music and I've always enjoyed editing videos. This is the one time of year we all get together as a team and share some of our special talents.

2013 Holiday Video
2012 Holiday Video
2011 Holiday Video

Ireland Photo Book

Photo Book - Ireland

Ireland was the trip of my dreams and I captured every moment through journaling and taking many amazing photos every step of the way. We experienced so many new things like my first flight over the ocean, driving on the other side of the road, exploring a places we never planned to visit and driving around the entire perimeter of the country! We stayed in a lot of different bed and breakfasts and tried their home baked breads and jams. It was such an adventure I'll never forget.

When we returned I had two different cameras full of photos. It took me a good month to go through them all and filter out the best ones. I took the time to create a book combined with my journal and map of our travels. This is the modern day photo album and so fun to design on

Wedding Stationary

Wedding Stationary

For my own wedding I decided to use my design talents and create the invites, RSVP cards, table menus, seed packet favours and social tickets. It was a fun project and turned out exactly the way I was hoping. Everything came together nicely and followed a butterfly/fairy theme. The style I chose was a great oppotunity to use Illustrator and work with vector graphics. I learned a lot when it came to printing and making sure my important information was away from the crop marks so it wouldn't get chopped off. It was a beautiful day and I was happy with the result.

Ongoing projects

I have a bunch of little side projects on the go and many that I'd love to finish one day. As I continue to work on these projects and encounter new skills you may see something new pop up on this page.