Inspired by nature and magic.

Over the years I've had a love for forests and fairies. I brought the two together with The Forest Fairy. I created a blog, Facebook page and poetry book with the Forest Fairy brand. This has been a great way to learn and practice my design skills as I've developed this brand and experimented with several social networking platforms. It is one of my many creative hobbies that I enjoy working on when I'm not being a full time Web Fairy.

The Forest Fairy Blog

The Forest Fairy Blog

The Forest Fairy is an alter ego of mine and the blog is where I go to share and create beautiful things. The blog has been a work in progress for years and it's the main hub for everything I do that is fairy related. I love being creative. You'll find music, poetry, stories, photography and garden ideas on the blog. The main inspiration always seems to come from fairies and nature.

A goal I hope to achieve one day is to be featured in Fae Magazine. How amazing would that be?!

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The Forest Fairy Music

The Forest Fairy Music

Fairies are musical beings and The Forest Fairy is no exception. My music has been evolving through the years as I grow and learn more about this world. The one thing that remains the same is the inspiration I get from nature. It's pure magaic and you don't need to look to far to find it. I've uploaded some of my older songs to Sound Cloud for you to hear.

My goal is to record a few of my older songs along with many new ones since I have better equipment these days. Eventually they will be combined into an album that one day I'll share with you all.

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The Forest Fairy Poetry Book

The Forest Fairy Poetry Book

Poetry is like music and it flows so easily out of my fingers as I type out lyrics to a new song or a short little poem. I started writing fun fairy themed poems and one day realized there were quite a few kicking around. As a Christmas present I compiled them into a book along with my fairy photography and had it printed for my Mom. She cried when she opened it!

The full length book is available to read online and if you love it as much as my Mom does you can purchase a copy too.

READ The Forest Fairy Poetry Book on Blurb.com
PURCHASE The Forest Fairy Poetry Book on Blurb.com

The Forest Fairy Featured Poetry

I used to post a lot of my poems to my blog and they were discovered by an amazing doll smith, Kat Soto. She contacted me to ask permission to use two of my poems in a window display for Shreve & Company during the Christmas season. The theme was "A Fairy Merry Christmas" and featured 14 one of a kind fairy dolls along with a printed poem. The display was in support of St. Jude's Children's Hospital in San Francisco, California. This was pretty amazing to have something I wrote on display along with fairies in a major US city. Kat was so kind to mail me the actual physical copies of the poems that were on display. Take a closer look.

View "A Fairy Merry Christmas" window display.

Forest Fairy Costume

The Forest Fairy Costumes

Sewing is another skill I've been working on thanks to my Mom who is a very talented sewer! Together we have designed a number of fairy costumes over the years. The one I'm most proud of is my Forest Fairy costume I wore to the Minnesota Renaissance Faire. It includes a bit of Irish dance influence with a tara pin brooch I bought in Dingle, Ireland and sparkly gold cape.

The Forest Fairy Story

Growing up in the country I was surrounded by a forest. The forest animals would come to visit and my family and I would go for walks to find wild flowers. Nature is my greatest inspiration. Trees are beautiful! I feel like I have a connection with trees which sounds a little funny but I just get such a good feeling when I come across a beautiful giant in the woods. I’m instantly reaching for my camera to take some shots and maybe if I’m lucky catch a fairy in one of the photos.

I love being creative. Writing, dancing, photography, singing and most recently sewing are all things I love to do. The main inspiration always seems to come from fairies and nature. I want to send a message to people to appreciate the time they have with loved ones and the beauty in this world. Always have an open mind, loving heart and magical dreams.